od2 is srs bsns

saw this last night:


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castle status [resolved]

I’m currently aware of the following issues:

  1. Classic WoE status isn’t updating because of Valhalla using control characters in their guild name.
  2. Thor WoE status isn’t up yet.

They will be resolved when I have more free time.

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talk.choobs.org maintenance [completed]

On July 31 I’ll be taking this server offline for a few hours for maintenance.

choobs.org will not be affected.

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choobs.org upgrade

The OS on choobs.org (which is on a separate server from talk.choobs.org) has been upgraded. If something isn’t working, you know where to find me!

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server move

talk.choobs has moved to a new server.

Unlike the last move (around December 2012), this one involved significant OS and software upgrades, so as always, please let me know if you find anything broken.

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watch out for scams like these

This blacksmith set up a shop adjacent to mine, with a very similar name (“Ren’s Slims” vs. “Ren’s slims”), but was selling unnamed, unranked slims instead of ranked slims.


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new vending comp!

parts mount

6 vends, <20 watts

rinka taskman

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46 million potions later…

…my unevolved homunculus is finally cordial.


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server upgrade

I’m upgrading my windows server, and it’s going to take at least several more hours. It doesn’t host any websites, but it is responsible for processing WoE updates for choobs.org. This means, unfortunately, that today’s WoE castle status update will be delayed.

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[renewal] possible solution for black screen loading lag

The usual loading routine proceeds as follows:

  1. “please wait” dialog appears
  2. screen turns black
  3. progress bar counts up from 0% to 100%
  4. loading completes

For some people, the screen may remain black for a significant amount of time. It seems to have gotten much worse after the merge.

This is how we managed to reduce the amount of time spent at the black screen. It made a very noticeable difference for me and a friend; I don’t guarantee that it’ll work for you.

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