Why it’s not a good idea to auto-follow me in bio3

Remus Moonbane : why did u
Remus Moonbane : go to the end
Remus Moonbane : head
.Antithesis. : cause he doesnt listen
HAIL^BZ : kill
johnnycakes! : What?
HAIL^BZ : im rooting
.BiiBii. : no head plz
.BiiBii. : just gonna get wiped lol
Remus Moonbane : lets do it
Remus Moonbane : let’s do it!!
.Antithesis. : i was just going to get nooj

.BiiBii. : lmao
.Antithesis. : WTF???????????
Remus Moonbane : Lol
.Antithesis. : SERIOUSLY?
Remus Moonbane : saw that coming

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