classic woe missing data

My logging client was disconnected 18 minutes before the end of WoE. I had to reconstruct the missing time frame from Ragial logs which are incomplete because the bot sleeps for 90 seconds between crawls in addition to the time it takes to switch characters in mid-crawl. Because of this, the following periods are missing data:

  1. 14:43:35 ~ 14:45:05
  2. 14:47:51 ~ 14:49:21
  3. 14:52:03 ~ 14:53:33
  4. 14:56:27 ~ 14:57:57

Takeovers that occurred near a start/end boundary or during a character switch may also be missing. However, the castle holders at the end of WoE are correct.

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  1. MegaEdge says:

    My guild, Determination, broke Valk 2 after VaIhalIa and before Shark.
    We broke the castle around 14:44:?? and it doesn’t show our break on the timeline.
    Do I need some kind of proofs that we broke between them? I can say we fought with Shark before they recalled on my guild and then broke the castle.

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