Seeking volunteers

Since I’ve been forced into early retirement, unless there’s an unexpected development I probably won’t be renewing my account when it expires in January. I have no plans to shut down the site, however; that would be irresponsible, and I’ve put too much work into it to give up just because I’m displeased at how events have played out. (I don’t gain anything from it, by the way; I’ve never asked for nor accepted a single penny in donations, and I don’t even WoE!)

That’s why I’m looking for volunteers to log WoE takeovers. If you’re interested, leave a comment (or PM me) and we can discuss specifics.

I’ve been the sole updater since 2005 (except for a very few occasions when a handful of people helped fill in some gaps; thanks!). I always had to remember to log in before WoE, and if I happened to be asleep, there was always a chance both of my clients could be disconnected. (Every WoE until about two weeks ago, I’d sacrifice two accounts for updating.) Using a bot would have helped tremendously, of course, but I refuse to touch them as a matter of principle. It’s been frustrating at times–especially during the past month as I found myself repeatedly consulting the schedule–but I didn’t mind because the job provided me with an opportunity to help out. It’s a pity, but as they say, all good things must come to an end.

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  1. D.... says:


    I may be able to help. But I am not sure how you actually log all this data.

    Also what has caused your early retirement? I love your site and if I can help somehow please let me know.

    Peace D…

    • Renouille says:

      Suffice it to say that I’m relieved at the prospect of not having to pay for seven accounts.

      Logging can be done in several ways. Originally we used a /savechat macro in conjunction with a program that scanned the logs for differences, but it was unreliable and made it impractical to generate timestamps more precise than to the minute. My preferred approach is a sniffer that operates independently of the client, but it may not work for everyone. Alternatively, if you use ROPS (although it’s technically not allowed, a number of respected people use it to defeat spam because Gravity refuses to deploy a proper solution), I could write a plugin for it that would generate logs.

      One dilemma I haven’t yet worked out is whether I should finally re-enable live updates. If I don’t, then the transition is fairly straightforward. If I do, then I’ll have to solve the original problems that prevented me from doing so long ago.

  2. D.... says:


    I would love to help, but I doubt I could do that. I not able to be on during all Sieges due to work and School. I do hope that you can find someone to help. If you do start taking donations then I would love to help that way.

    Peace D…

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